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9 Oct

120124010605-cricket-ponting-story-topRight so, it’s been a year since I went onto WordPress and started up an innocently yet hilariously self-indulgent blog called ‘’. In my defence, I made a mistake. I thought that was a username, or something, and I could call it something more related to cricket rather than just my name. Obviously I was wrong, but it has given me plenty of material for self deprecating jokes over the past 12 months, so it’s probably been worth it.

I was seriously naive when I started this blog. My genuine belief was that I’d write on this for 6 – 10 months, then I’d start getting money through it because of adverts (and because I don’t understand the internet), then I’d get a pleasingly grovelling email from the sports editor at the Guardian begging for me to come and write for him because Mike Selvey and Andy Bull really are letting the side down. Modestly I’d accept my post, move to North London and live like a king, occasionally using executive phrases such as ‘filing my copy’ and ‘just popping to Lord’s for a spot of lunch with Gus Fraser’. I’d imbibe gallons of Beaujolais, smoke cigars and take baths in tubs full of dollar bills.

The reality – I moved from a student hovel in Manchester back home to Suffolk, only met Mike Selvey and Andy Bull at Guardian HQ once (on an excellent ‘How To Be A Cricket Journalist’ masterclass – check them out); I have filed no copies (unless writing online and self publishing counts), went to Lord’s just the solitary time (didn’t meet Angus Fraser) and have drunk no expensive wine, smoked any cigars nor attempted to wash myself using dirty money.

Luckily, I was asked to edit, and so I’ve been filling up internet space blathering on about that incessantly. And, equally luckily, some excellent writers have written things (filed copies?) for that, showing me how one should write about cricket in a witty, informative and engaging way. People like the wrongunatlongon, Ruth Thielke, Jud Ong, Davis Harrigan from Beyond Realisation, Matt Carter and so many more that I’ve forgotten them. Thanks guys.

So has this blog has sort of achieved an aim, in that I am now a bit more of a cricket journalist than I was before the 8th of October 2012? Maybe. I’m not as much of one as I want to be and I most likely act and behave like more of one than I really am. One of the other stated aims on this blog was to discover more of the internet than YouTube and Buzzfeed – so has this succeeded? I guess that has too. I now know about webmail and, sadly, am addicted to Reddit. I think that means the past year has, therefore, been good? Jesus.

Anyway, seeing as blogs are, in their nature, incredibly self centred things, I’m going to write a list of objective that I would like to achieve before the 8th of October 2014:

1) Update this blog more regularly, and not with those really annoying ‘read more on The Cricket Magazine’ links because whenever I see something similar on another website it irritates me to the point of immediate combustion. That isn’t to say I’ll stop doing those things (because what is a loyal audience for if not for conning them for hits?), but I’ll try and do more articles solely for Thoughts of a Cricket Addict. You lucky devils.

2) Get paid. Lololol.

3) Build up Twitter followers, both on TCM Twitter and personal one. I don’t know why it surprises me that, despite my numerous bellicose tweets about the bloody ICC they still don’t follow me, but it does. And they should. Also, the ECB (same reason for them not following me) and just generally more people who don’t govern cricket, but just like it (probably more than the ICC, but that isn’t hard).

4) Be less bitter/jealous about other journalists and writers who are more successful than I am. And to that end, stop whining about nepotism. It happens, it’s always happened, and as long as certain people’s fathers are major cricket correspondents, they’ll always have a foot in the door irrespective of their own questionable ability to write words about cricket. Grumble.

5) Stop grumbling.

6) Stop rambling.

So there we go. Another year older, another year closer to death. It has actually been a lot of fun. I’ve done things that I never thought I’d do, and that is all because of this blog and, far more importantly, because of you. Yes, you, anonymous internet person. Just clicking onto this has made it possible and I will be forever grateful for it. Should I ever meet anyone who says ‘Hey, we both like cricket, why don’t you check out this great blog I read, it’s called Thoughts of…’ I’ll spontaneously erupt with joy and jubilation and probably lick that person right on the face.

Here’s to another year.



Leather & Willow

19 Mar

Facebook Logo

Dear reader.  You may have noticed the new banner that I have on my blog and got very confused.  This is understandable, for it has incontrovertibly changed.  Leather & Willow?  This sounds like a furniture magazine.  Well I can assure you that it is not a furniture magazine, writing about one thing I don’t really know much about is hard enough for me. Leather & Willow is actually a cricket magazine.  It’s a new Club and County cricket magazine that I have started.  And it launches soon.  Sound interesting?  You BET!   Continue reading

Brief Thoughts on Women’s Cricket

17 Feb


Australia has once again not shocked anyone by winning a major cricket tournament.  England should have fared better than they did, but a couple of rather uninspiring performances saw them fail to defend their crown won four years previously and having to settle with 3rd place.  I do not have Sky TV so have not caught a great deal of the action over the past few weeks but for what’s worth, presented below are snippets of me in high-horse action, preaching away:

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Australia avenge Edgbaston

8 Feb


The 2005 Ashes series will be remembered for many reasons.  Kevin Pietersen’s stunning entry to Test cricket; Shane Warne’s 600th Test wicket; Andrew Flintoff ensuring he became a national icon and hauling cricket out of the peripheries into focus.  Often hailed as ‘the greatest series of all time’, in 2005 we were treated to sporting drama on another level – and there was no Test more dramatic than the 2nd Test in Birmingham.

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…the difficult year after 2012? Not so

2 Jan

Come and get it2012 was a vintage year for sport.

Arguably the greatest ever Olympics, definitely the greatest ever Paralympics, a T20 Cricket World Cup, the ‘Miracle at Medinah’ in golf, Wimbledon, and some various football guff.  Pile onto that a series between the top 2 teams in the world – South Africa and England – and England beating India in India for the first time in 28 years; it really was a great year for cricket.  

So  will 2013 match its predecessor?  Probably not.  It can, however, have a really good go.  “BUT HOW SO?”, I hear you all cry, not unreasonably. “For there will be no video montages set to sound bites of Boris Johnson and David Cameron revelling in how great they are and how great they made 2012.  2013 will ABSOLUTELY not be as good.”  Well, you have a point.  But I have a few too.

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2012 – End of Year Report

29 Dec
The best Test team in the world - South Africa

The best Test team in the world – South Africa

Apologies to my friend at the Wrong Un, but here is my End of Year Report for the great year that was 2012.  South Africa are the No. 1 team in the world, Afghanistan made their debut at an International competition and Kevin Pietersen exceeded even his own exceptionally high levels of douche-baggery.  All this and much more, you will find below.

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