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Why I’m excited for the County Championship

2 Apr

Trent Bridge – Notts CCC

Growing up in fairly rural Suffolk, I didn’t think cricket was played near me.  Now I know that was because nobody told me Essex was close.  Therefore I have never felt a natural affinity to any particular County and although I have ancestors hailing from Somerset, Yorkshire and Lincolnshire I didn’t feel a strong attraction to follow their colours.  Despite Chelmsford being the nearest County ground I stayed within the confines of Suffolk and simply supported England.  But this summer, that is going to change.  Here I lay out the three reasons for why I’m excited for the start of the County Championship season. Continue reading


Leather & Willow

19 Mar

Facebook Logo

Dear reader.  You may have noticed the new banner that I have on my blog and got very confused.  This is understandable, for it has incontrovertibly changed.  Leather & Willow?  This sounds like a furniture magazine.  Well I can assure you that it is not a furniture magazine, writing about one thing I don’t really know much about is hard enough for me. Leather & Willow is actually a cricket magazine.  It’s a new Club and County cricket magazine that I have started.  And it launches soon.  Sound interesting?  You BET!   Continue reading