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Why We Should Not Feel for Lou Vincent

19 May
The revelations in the past week of the ongoing investigation into corruption in cricket represent the biggest single development in a fixing case in the past decade – and the eventual fallout will prove more wider reaching than any previous scandal.
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What fun is left in t20 after the IPL has squeezed it all out?

3 Feb


Today, nearly $11,000,000 was spent.  In one garish ceremony the world’s monetary troubles were neatly summed up.  108 players were listed, as slaves at the Forum, having their virtues paraded as they gazed sheepishly at the riches on offer.  Base prices of at least $20,000 were the only requirements, with the majority of these being exceeded.  

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India v England – Day 1 Review

15 Nov

So, whilst I slept, the majority of the first day of the first Test between India and England took place.  India finished the day on a rather alarming 323/4, so  I thought I’d pick out one or two things that occurred which caught my eye.  Sadly, the main feelings I am taking from this day’s play are anger and frustration. 

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