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South Africa’s 2nd Test Resolve

24 Oct

APTOPIX Mideast Emirates Pakistan South Africa CricketLast week I wrote an article about South African cricket. In it, I suggested that due to a number of factors – lack of a decent spinner, an ageing team, perhaps complacency – they would soon be overhauled as the best Test team in the world. Whilst I won’t totally alter my statements, given that they currently lead Pakistan by 250 with over three days remaining in the second Test, it seems an appropriate time to revise my opinion.

The big difference from 1st Test South Africa to 2nd Test South Africa is that in this game they chose a front line spinner. This worked for them as Imran Tahir, their Pakistani-imported leg spinner, took 5/32 and bowled out Pakistan for 99. However, just by selecting Tahir they were taking a huge gamble.

Read more at The Cricket Magazine! You know the drill by now…


South Africa’s crown is slipping

18 Oct

147974In the early days and weeks of 2012, the No. 1 ranked cricket team in the world went to play Pakistan in the UAE. By all accounts it was a disastrous affair, as England lost all three Tests. It was the manner of the losses that was most concerning – they showed a real apathy to the series, almost as if they didn’t care. Admittedly it was hard to see why they would care – they were playing in front of 14 people in a cavernous stadium. Pakistan totally outplayed England and later that year South Africa beat them at home to take their title as the best test team in the world. Yet now, the tables have turned. South Africa are in the UAE and if the first Test is anything to go by, this could be the beginning of the end of their reign at the top. Continue reading

My Test team of the Past Year

8 Apr

With the current break in the International calendar so the rich can rake in their money in India it seems an appropriate time to compile my fantasy Test XI from April 2012 to now.  Just for transparency, I’ve gone for just a Test team – surprisingly I find watching the IPL a transcendentally sickening experience, yet one which I cannot switch off.  Which makes me feel weird.  Anyway, I’d be interested to hear your opinions on my team and what your XI would be, so just comment below.  Or text me, seeing as I know most of you personally. Continue reading