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Why We Should Not Feel for Lou Vincent

19 May
The revelations in the past week of the ongoing investigation into corruption in cricket represent the biggest single development in a fixing case in the past decade – and the eventual fallout will prove more wider reaching than any previous scandal.
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Cricket will always be in the peripheries

13 May

NasserBeefy3D_24743192005 was a famous year for English cricket.  That Ashes victory that reignited the country’s passion for the true game for gentlemen.  I will never forget how suddenly, everyone was a cricket fan and there was no animosity from the old guard towards the new converts as there so often is to alleged bandwagoners.  The series ran into the beginning of September, crashed the start of the 2005-2006 football season and there were signs held up in the crowd – ‘Football’s Rubbish’, ‘I missed my wedding for this’ – still stick in my mind.  It was the year that cricket broke into the mainstream, the first time since 1981 that it had done so.  Everyone could watch it – Channel 4’s coverage was excellent and Mark Nicholas was yet to become insipid and irritating.  And then it finished.  No more cricket on terrestrial TV – Sky got all the rights.  Cricket went back to being the preserve of those who could afford to watch it. Continue reading

…the difficult year after 2012? Not so

2 Jan

Come and get it2012 was a vintage year for sport.

Arguably the greatest ever Olympics, definitely the greatest ever Paralympics, a T20 Cricket World Cup, the ‘Miracle at Medinah’ in golf, Wimbledon, and some various football guff.  Pile onto that a series between the top 2 teams in the world – South Africa and England – and England beating India in India for the first time in 28 years; it really was a great year for cricket.  

So  will 2013 match its predecessor?  Probably not.  It can, however, have a really good go.  “BUT HOW SO?”, I hear you all cry, not unreasonably. “For there will be no video montages set to sound bites of Boris Johnson and David Cameron revelling in how great they are and how great they made 2012.  2013 will ABSOLUTELY not be as good.”  Well, you have a point.  But I have a few too.

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Ireland Can Have Test Status – And Here’s How

13 Oct

Kevin O’Brien celebrates his century against England in 2011. Source: http://www.sify.com

Ever since that famous win over England at the 2011 World Cup, the cries for Ireland to be given Test Status have steadily increased.  What I hope to show with this post is how a 2-tier League system can give Ireland that ranking, remove toothless Test series, and maintain Test cricket as the primary form of the game for years to come.

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