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England’s Dernbach Dilemma

14 Mar
Jade DernbachIn Jade Dernbach England have the prototype T20 bowler – tattoos like an Etch a Sketch drawn by a child on a roller-coaster, he has all the tricks and funky variations needed to be a world-class fast bowler.

And that is what makes him a decent bowler. Capable of bowling in excess of 90mph and getting swing both ways, he has the ability to beat most batsmen around the world with sheer pace alone. Then he confuses their thinking with his party-bag of tricks: back of the hand slower balls, off and leg cutters, searing yorkers or half-pace bouncers. The problem is, he often confuses his own thinking.

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Dernbach the Scapegoat

24 Jan

The Cricketer

The ODI series in India has been lost, and once again the soul-searching can begin.  Blame for various players is flying back and forth on Twitter and on the vitriolic articles that pervade the internet – with most of it aimed at Jade Dernbach.  There is no doubt that Dernbach has not had a good series.  He has only taken 5 wickets at nearly 50 apiece, and now has the worst economy rate for a bowler who has delivered at least 1000 balls in ODIs.  But is he solely to blame?  Or are people just looking for someone to take the fall to cover up England’s collective failures?

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