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Shane Warne’s wild swinging an embarrassment

16 Jul

1351089354_shaneOn the 16th of July, on page 12 of The Daily Telegraph’ssports supplement, Shane Warne wrote an article entitled “Australia believe they can take back the Ashes”. Finding it to be a deeply flawed, wool-over-the-eyes article, I have taken umbrage with it – and here is my considered response.

*Disclaimer – I am aware that Warne is a reactionary ‘journalist’ looking for someone to pick apart his articles and I am equally aware that I am about to fulfil this role for him. However, I hope that by writing this article I can show up the ludicrous nature of both Warne’s ‘journalistic’ credentials and the statements he made within said article, so that the readers of this website can draw their opinion too.

To read the rest of this article, view it on The Cricket Magazine.


Brad Hodge and the Failed Generation

21 Jan

Success comes with many pitfalls.  The pressure of being chased, the expectation of winning – the inevitability of downfall.  This happens to all sports teams – after winning the Rugby World Cup in 2003 the English rugby team endured years of ignominious defeats and embarrassing episodes.  Since the glory days of the 80’s the West Indies cricket team have failed to produce teams as phenomenal as they were back then.  Right now, we are witnessing another team in decline, Australia.  With the spate of recent retirements, we are going to start seeing former players who were perhaps overlooked in their prime.  They were ‘born at the wrong time’.  I feel they have been let down.

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