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Australia swarm to 2-0 lead

9 Dec

???????????????????????????England lost their remaining four wickets within an hour on the 5th Day at Adelaide, leaving them 2-0 down in the Ashes and on an inexorably dramatic slide. In the small patch of grass they made their own three years ago, Australia’s broad smirks dragged the bloodied body of English cricket all over the new stadium – destroyed, humiliated, humbled. The smart money was not on England batting out all three sessions: but the wise money would have been on England lasting until lunch, at least. What followed was a carnival of the weird and wonderful.

Siddle took the relatively new ball in front of the Barmy Army and fifteen Australian fans before watching his fourth ball disappear over deep square leg’s head for six. Immediately confusion reigned – were England going for the win? Was Stuart Broad thinking? Thankfully this question was swiftly resolved as the next ball was both shorter and quicker and Broad obligingly played the same shot – only this time he picked out Nathan Lyon on the fence. Stomach’s sank; Australia rose; gin imbibed.

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The Tea Break: Episode 2

21 Nov

Bairstow in line for reprieve following Prior’s injury

11 Nov

CRICKET-ENG-AUS-ASHESThe world of international sport is a fast paced and cut throat. No sooner had the ECB released a video of Jonny Bairstow in training with the English wicket-keeping coach Bruce French, opener Michael Carberry was scoring a big century against Australia ‘A’ to put himself forward as Alastair Cook’s opening partner, meaning Joe Root would usurp Bairstow to bat at 6. Yet now with regular ‘keeper Matt Prior going down with a ‘mild calf tear’, it looks as if Bairstow could well be England’s gloveman in 10 days time for the 1st Ashes Test at the Gabba.

Matt Prior sustained his injury during England’s truncated game at Hobart, a game which could prove pivotal in the careers of Carberry, Root and Bairstow. The runs scored at the top of the order by Hampshire’s Carberry seemed to solidify the English management’s thoughts over their batting line up, meaning Joe Root would be relegated down the order, where he started his Test career.

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The Tea Break: Episode 1

10 Nov

South Africa’s 2nd Test Resolve

24 Oct

APTOPIX Mideast Emirates Pakistan South Africa CricketLast week I wrote an article about South African cricket. In it, I suggested that due to a number of factors – lack of a decent spinner, an ageing team, perhaps complacency – they would soon be overhauled as the best Test team in the world. Whilst I won’t totally alter my statements, given that they currently lead Pakistan by 250 with over three days remaining in the second Test, it seems an appropriate time to revise my opinion.

The big difference from 1st Test South Africa to 2nd Test South Africa is that in this game they chose a front line spinner. This worked for them as Imran Tahir, their Pakistani-imported leg spinner, took 5/32 and bowled out Pakistan for 99. However, just by selecting Tahir they were taking a huge gamble.

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Australia, bad timing and sledging: the tale of a miserable 2013 Ashes series

24 Aug

art-353-svPIETERSEN-300x0When Michael Clarke decided to pick on Ian Bell on the 3rd Day at The Oval, he showed the mistiming that has afflicted Australian cricket this summer. Starting with David Warner’s drunken lurch towards Joe Root during the Champions Trophy that just clipped his chin and ending with a 6 year late dig at the English batsman who has won England the Ashes – mistiming and misfiring – this just about sums Australia up.

There is a common consensus amongst cricketers – when you’re beaten, accept it with grace. Be philosophical, be classy: bestow upon your victorious opponents the same honour that you would expect to receive. If you’re Michael Clarke however, instead choose this moment to start a war of words with your opponents.

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Shane Warne’s wild swinging an embarrassment

16 Jul

1351089354_shaneOn the 16th of July, on page 12 of The Daily Telegraph’ssports supplement, Shane Warne wrote an article entitled “Australia believe they can take back the Ashes”. Finding it to be a deeply flawed, wool-over-the-eyes article, I have taken umbrage with it – and here is my considered response.

*Disclaimer – I am aware that Warne is a reactionary ‘journalist’ looking for someone to pick apart his articles and I am equally aware that I am about to fulfil this role for him. However, I hope that by writing this article I can show up the ludicrous nature of both Warne’s ‘journalistic’ credentials and the statements he made within said article, so that the readers of this website can draw their opinion too.

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